Question 1 - 4
Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.
Zelda carries a shield and a _______?

A. spear
B. knife
C. sword
D. axe

Lim Han is a prefect at SK Bagan Ajam and he is wearing a _____.

A. vest
B. t-shirt
C. scarf
D. blouse

We use a _____ to find our way.
A. book
B. newspaper
C. exercise book
D. map
4. You should wear a __________ to protect your knee from injury.  

A. knee pads
B. helmet
C. sport shoes
D. goggles

  Question 5 – 10  
  Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.  
5. The giraffe is _________ than the monkey.
A. bigger
B. big
C. biggest
D. most biggest
6. My mother took Dalilah and ______ to the market.

A. us
B. mine
C. i
D. me

7. The poor man is hungry, so he eats __________.  

A. greedily
B. softly
C. gently
D. neatly

The boy is climbing __________ the wall.

A. across
B. over
C. down
D. up

9. Damia : __________ is your father’s name?
Danial : My father’s name is Ahmad.

A. Where
B. Why
C. How
D. What

10. I like music. I can play ___ recorder and ____ cymbals.  

A. a, an
B. an, an
C. the, the
D. the, a